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Text Classification

AI categorizes text content by classifying topics or sort the text based on the group that should correspond to it.

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What is Text Classification?
Text Classification is a process of assigning labels or categories to a piece of text. For example, one might classify a text based on the topic, or sort the text based on the group that it should correspond to. Usually, it involves training a model on a large dataset of labeled text examples and then, using that trained model to predict the label or category for new and unseen texts. This method has several specific use cases in business, ranging from spam and toxicity detection to news categorization and sentiment analysis.
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Use Cases
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1. Sentiment Analysis

Text Classification can be used for identifying the sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) of a piece of text, such as, a customer review or social media post.

Sentiment Analysis is one of the most popular uses of text classification. For customers interested in Sentiment Analysis, please head over to this page for a detailed explanation on our specialized product dedicated for Sentiment Analysis.

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Credit / Training Time
Credit / Request
1AI Marketplace - Text Classification: Product Review- 0.25 Credit / 1000 Characters
2Customized AI - Text Classification10.00 Credit / 30 mins Free0.25 Credit / 1000 Characters Free
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